Laura with ‘Dingo’ (not yet named ‘Kokopelli’) the day after she was found in Monument Valley. Here we are, on the edge of the Grand Canyon. (photo by Pete)

Talking with fellow travelers (most were from abroad as this was so soon after 9/11), as we’re searching for a home for Dingo, again at the Canyon’s edge.

Thirsty pup!

The 2nd night at our hotel in the Grand Canyon. I am now seeing many similarities between Dingo & Lakota, our recently deceased husky/wolf cross & I’m starting to get pretty attached… (Dingo is taking great comfort in my old denim jacket with the “Give a Damn” patch, a souvenir from my hippie days…)

Back at the farm now, in the fall after the heist out west… I am now ‘wanted’ by Arizona law, but – more importantly – Kokopelli is now safely home & adjusting to her new life. Here Natalie is teaching Trey, Pelli, Amanda & Whisky Cat to wait their turn for a treat.

Trey’s new doghouse, almost finished now, with Natalie checking it out inside with the dear old boy.

“Little Baaaad Billy Bob”… a family member even newer than Kokopelli! This little fella joined our farm, & all our critters, shortly after Pelli’s arrival. Here is Billy’s first night, freshly bathed, spending it in Heather & Emma’s (clean) litterbox.

Kokopelli, a year old now, happy & well-adjusted at home. Look at her intelligent & expressive face! (photos 3-10 by Laura)

Laura & Kokopelli during a walk in the countryside where they live – Spring 2006.