Following are comments from an array of readers, family & friends from the past extended year. They are fairly much in order, but some have been taken out of chronology, just for fun. We at "Wild West Woman" Publications hope that you will enjoy them. If you would like to add a comment of your own, please feel free to do so on our Guest/Blog. Who knows... they may end up on this page! Thanks for visiting...

Entry 42 - 20.Mar.2007 21:39:43
Name: Pete

My favorite part is the marital moment in monument valley when Laura tells Pete, her life partner for 25 years, that he is history if he won't take the pup shed just met with them. She won't go if the pup doesn't go. Being on the other side of the conversation I am truly in disbelief... But not willing to test a relationship that starts new and fresh every day. A relationship which if not tended gently like a gardener protecting her latest seedlings can wilt quickly right in front of you. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, I can only advise you to follow your heart. I did and have had immeasurable rewards and no regrets.

Okay, PeterWop,
I can tell from your message that you are worn out & strung up from all of your travels, as your capitalization & punctuation are atrocious - & I KNOW you know better! - but your message sure is sweet. This certainly is out of the blue; you must be missing me... This goes a long way to make up for Valentine's Day...
And yes, I'm missing you, too. Wish you could travel a bit less & have 'immeasurable rewards' more often... Heh, heh.
Ich liebe diche, LauraWop
PS – I found out later that Pete had been using his Blackberry (he calls this his ‘Crackberry’) to send this message & he could not see the keys well. Go figure.

Entry 4 - 20.Mar.2006 09:52:44
Name: Alice Cole

i read this book last Fall while on vacation in Virginia.......i could not put it down. i would read for hours at a time, so anxious to hear what would happen next. i was so involved in this story that when i read the last page, i called Laura and asked if i could drive down to see Kokopelli. She graciously allowed me a visit, and i spent most of the day on her farm in awe of HER and Kokopelli, the dog. i immediately bought 36 books to bring back down here to Florida, where i gave them out to all my friends. This book was such an inspiration to allowed me the freedom to "follow my heart" like Laura did. She gave me such a gift by writing this book. i am forever grateful to her.

My dear Alice -
It's about time that I commented on 'our' experience. You read TKJs in Northern Virginia when visiting your Mom, after fleeing Hurricane Wilma - or whichever it was that tore up Ft. Lauderdale in the fall of '05. After reading my book, you called & asked if you & Rachel might come visit us: meet Kokopelli & me, see the farm & all the others of whom I write. I was touched that you would want to do this. I was FLOORED when you said that you wanted to buy 3 dozen books to 'support my venture' & give them to your friends at Christmas!!! You would not let me give you a discount, so we donated $5 from each book ($180) & I rounded it up, so that we could mutually donate $200 to the Orange Co. Humane Society, where we had adopted Trey, for their spay/neuter program. Ongoing, of course. They were thrilled; you were thrilled; I was thrilled beyond words... Your enthusiasm of, & support for, The Kokopelli Journals has touched me more than you will ever know. I still 'glow' inside whenever I think of you, Alice, & how deeply you were moved my retelling of our great (mis)adventure. I am happy that it had such an impact on your life.
Blessings & love, always, to you & Rachel -

Entry 7 - 21.Mar.2006 00:51:20
Name: Elizabeth Franklin

This is a story so improbable, you think it must be made up. Except it isn't. Laura Cockerille Giannini has become my idol for gutsiness and living life adventurously. Her tale made me laugh till the tears rolled.

Entry 1 - 14.Mar.2006 14:33:36
Name: Kelly Maxwell

I have read The Kokopelli Journals and was thrilled by the amount of detail about our beautiful American Southwest. I am from a tiny little town in New Mexico and was charmed by Laura's descriptions of The Turquoise Trail, Santa Fe, Taos - and even the "High Road" leading to Taos. Throughout the story her words take me back home...

What an adventure for anyone! I am so sorry for the tragedies that Laura and Pete had to face in the loss of family and friends to the murders in their lives, of which she writes in the beginning, but they wouldn't let that stop them from celebrating their anniversary. Not even September 11th of 2001 stopped them - even though this was their 25th. They showed remarkable courage to keep going. And for Laura to have had the gumption to save this desert puppy not only once, but a second time, and with the law at her heels, to boot, is unbelievable!! The story of how all of this came about it amazing - I laughed and I cried in reading this wonderful book.

A friend gave The Kokopelli Journals to me for my 48th birthday and it is one of the gifts that I will most cherish, and will read over and over again. Anytime I want to "go home" I will pick it up and start reading. Open a page anywhere in the book and go from there. It is that well written. Thanks to Cindy for the gift - and thanks to Laura for writing about her incredible experience in the Four Corners!! Like Daryl said, in the book: "You go girl!" I can't wait for your second book - and your third! Oh, and the illustrations, the poetry, the quotes that start the chapters, and the maps of the Four Corner region were beautiful. It was a spiritual journey into the heart. The whole book is a work of art!

Entry 6 - 20.Mar.2006 19:30:54
Name: Sue Spencer

Heart & soul betrayed too often, by too many people…animals and nature became Laura’s best friends. The Kokopelli Journals is a story about triumph, hope, courage and good news. Laura illustrates her lifelong passion for the untamed Wild West, the animals that share it, and her own spirited adventurous nature. Along the way, we meet the colorful characters that both helped & hindered Laura throughout her [mis]adventures. Her poetic descriptions of the American Southwest will have the Books on Tape fans waiting in line for this one.

Entry 5 - 20.Mar.2006 18:35:24
Name: Isabelle Ramsey

I read this book when it was coming in 30 pages at a time. Laura first told me the story as we walked along our ridge road one summer evening. At that point she'd already been renting a room so that she could work on it. She worked on it in the wee hours of the night and in the early morning. She worked between feeding the horses, gardening and caring for her three children. I loved every little portion of the story that she brought to me, typed and edited, so that I could put in my two cents. (Believe me, it was two cents too.)

The story is so profound in so many ways. It is full of tales of the southwest, history of the southwest, environmental issues, historical moments and the stuff of day-to-day living. All of this is bound up in the good will of hundreds of people. Laura and Pete are the types that make friends easily and they're fascinated by life, art, nature and history. The Americans that they meet along the way: their own children, animals, truck drivers, balloonists, waitresses, hotel clerks, police, tour guides and old friends weave a thread of love and good will throughout all the adventures and tales from the past. In America, we are so inundated by tales of war and famine and we are all tempted by the media coverage to be afraid of outsiders and each other that Laura's book is a breath of fresh air! It is a reflection of what makes America great...the people on the ground, the people (as Jodi Foster says) who get up every day and make breakfast for their families and go to work and help their neighbors and share flowers and seeds and food and love. The Kokopelli Journals is about what makes life worth living in spite of the bad stuff. Everyone should read it.

Entry 11 - 1.Apr.2006 10:25:44
Name: Patricia M. Phelps

Dear Laura, I wanted to tell you just how much I enjoyed reading "The Kokopelli Journals". I have always wanted to see that part of the US, and never have. In your book you made the area seem alive with wonderful description and through your adventures. Your written clarity brought to life the wonders of the 4 corners, and other places, as well as the people and, of course, the animals of the region. Thank you for committing such time and effort in bringing your discoveries to all of us who have not shared the experiences.
Entry 10 - 26.Mar.2006 13:34:19

Name: Bruce
I am in love with your spirit. We met briefly when you inscribed your greeting to my daughter, Laura, who will receive your book as a gift. You asked me if I was going to read the book. Well, I want you to know that I read the first two chapters this morning, and felt the love intensely. I look forward to being with you in spirit as I read the rest of your journey.
Peace & Love, Bruce

Entry 8 - 21.Mar.2006 02:03:51
Name: Laura Giannini

I want to thank all my friends & readers for taking the time to log on & add your thoughts about my book, of which I've poured my heart & soul in the writing & endless details & edits in these last 4-plus years. I am truly touched & honored by your sharing what the story has meant to you. It makes climbing that glass mountain worth every little aggravation & doubt that I faced in the process...
God Bless, each & all – LauraWop

Entry 34 - 4.Nov.2006 14:26:44
Name: Fred Silverstein

I was checking out the Calendar/events link when I stumbled upon the Guestbook link. Great! I have been wanting to say how much I enjoyed reading The Kokopelli Journals. My wife and I fought for who reads it first. She got it for a book club read, but I kept sneaking it away from her - and then getting caught up in the story!
We haven't traveled to this area yet - but Laura's incredible story, and her stunning descriptions of the lands out there, make us want to pack our bags and follow Laura and Pete's path. What a likeable, realistic, human couple they are, even when they're mad at each other. And what a beautifully put-together book. I understand that it's self-published. Wow! It's first-class all the way. I highly recommend it - but get two if you're married. One for you, and one for your spouse. (Saves "marital moments", as Laura so wisely calls them.)

This comment is long delayed, from your very nice entry some time ago, Fred. Unfortunately, I erased it in doing my daily 'sweep' of the trivia continually placed on this Guestbook site. I had the presence of mind, however, to copy most of the wonderful comments that have been shared, so I've taken the liberty of repeating yours, and the last - Janet Cox's entry (which I also accidentally erased), so please - just go with it... I'm sure there's a way to have been more proficient, but I haven't yet figured it out... Again, thanks for your comments, Fred, & I do hope that you & your wife are soon able to make it to the Southwest! Laura

Entry 9 - 23.Mar.2006 08:05:54
Name: J. E. Matzer

Good morning.
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how nice it was to meet you and your family last night. I enjoyed being part of the program with you and hearing your story.
Also, thank you very much for including me on your website (which is very well done, I might add)
I hope to see you on Saturday.
Have a great day.
Sincerely, J.E Matzer - Jody

Entry 40 - 8.Mar.2007 16:37:20
Name: Elizabeth Anderson

I just finished your book, Laura, and wanted to add my 2cents, like so many others have done. One thing that caught my eye was your subtitle, "A Southwest (mis)Adventure - cute! - of Discovery, Compassion, Empowerment... & Mischief". As I read your story I realized that, as it unfolded, this was a very good description of the contents of your book. But "Journals" isn't. It begins as a travel-log, after your touching and difficult introduction, and then reads like a novel. So "Kokopelli Journals" might give one the idea that it is a diary or journal. Have you thought about that? I still LOVED your story, Laura, but was curious about the name.

I also found myself looking at your dust jacket photo, on the back inner flap, many times during reading, as I felt so close to you and your world and your words, like I almost knew you. I noticed ed that this isn't a "Hollywood glamour shot", but a photograph of a real person, which is just what your writing portrays. It's honest and real. Thank you for not being pretentious. Our world is full of superficial glamour with nothing underneath it. Your photo & your writing: unpretentious, caring & so, so real. It reminds me of Barbara Kingsolver's stories, only hers are fiction. Keep on writing, but please don't let success go to your head -
with great respect -
Lizzie A.

Hey, Lizzie - or Elizabeth,
Thank you for your comments, after reading TKJs. I'm glad that you like our subtitle, which was brainstormed on walks, as Pete & I tried to describe the gist of the story in as few words as possible. Natalie, our youngest daughter, add the 'mischief' part, saying that - of course - it had to be used.

Actually, quite a lot of the story was based on actual journal notes that I had written both at the time of Pete's & my original travels, immediately after 9/11, & then again when I returned solo to retrieve Pelli. Some of the words are verbatim. This is why it was important to me - & only fitting - that it be called The Kokopelli "Journals," even though I chose to write much of it as narrative nonfiction, in a novel lay-out, to keep it reading smoothly.

My follow-up book (when I get the chance to finish it) will likely be "Kokopelli's Capers," w/ our little farm as background, showcasing Pelli’s antics as she continues to live up to her name. And does this one ever start w/ a bang!!

Thanks for your comments about the dust jacket photo, Lizzie. Pete took that of me outside our home & I relate to it. Yes, it isn't glamorous & I'm not made up like a Hollywood star - but then, I'm anything but. The jacket I'm wearing, in fact, I've had longer than I've known Pete - which is a very long time. It's an old, beat-up farm jacket w/ a denim heart sewed long ago over a barbed-wire rip. The poor old thing is falling apart, & some days I can relate... but it still hangs in there.

I love Barbara Kingsolver's writing & am honored that you compared my work to hers. Several people have paralled TKJs with her book, The Bean Trees, & the follow-up to that one, Pigs in Heaven. I'm just thrilled that my story meant so much to you & thank you for sharing your thoughts -


Entry 13 - 4.May.2006 00:03:17
Name: Louise Blair

Dear Laura -
Your book is beautiful! Thank you for the gorgeous hand-signed first edition. I don't know how you did it, the drawings & page lay-outs are outstanding. I've read bits & pieces & it doesn't matter where I pick up in the book I am immediately drawn into the scene & lost in the pages. Congratulations & thank you!
Please let me know when we're doing a book signing party –
Love & Wow!
The Sagebrush Inn, Taos, New Mexico

Entry 17 - 25.May.2006 15:17:25
Name: Rachel Carter

I bought a copy of The Kokopelli Journals from a Starbuck's signing and finally read the book. I am busy and it took my awhile to get into the story, as Laura meandered through their travels in New Mexico and Utah before ever finding this stray puppy. When I settled down and let myself relax and just get into the story, I found it a comfortable read, an explicit & beautifully described journey with this very real couple through these Southwest lands. I also learned a lot. September 11th hangs in the background, like a shroud on the mood of the story, but Laura tells it so well, and brings this time to life, I found myself looking forward to the updated news in the headlines she shares throughout the book. And how timely some of these are to what is going on in the news today.

I became engrossed in the way she incorporated the murders in her life with 9/11 and the finding and saving of this puppy, it made me crazy to want to find out what happened - and I didn't have time to read, but didn't want to put it down, either. Thanks a lot, Laura, for backing me up with all my workload, but thanks, too, for writing this incredible book, this journey into the soul, and for sharing so much of your life with us. Is Kokopelli with you now, and is she doing fine?

Oh - LOVED the drawings and the maps and all your quotes you have in the book! They're a part of what make the story so rich.

Sorry that it's taken me so very long to respond to your comments, and, too, that you became so backed up in work while reading TKJs. But it thrills me to hear that my readers can't put it down! It is then that I know that I've reached them, and each reader is touched in different ways, depending upon what their own life experiences bring to the story. I'm surprised at how many have had to face the gut-wrenching emotions of a murder touching their own lives, or who lost someone they loved on 9/11, which was but murder on a massive scale. I'm glad that my book reached you in the ways that it did - please let others know. Share your comments!
Blessings - Laura

Entry 3 - 19.Mar.2006 22:39:19
Name: Janet Cox

I am president of the Friends of the Fluvanna County Library in Virginia. Laura was a guest speaker at one of our meetings recently. It was a great program as Laura talked about her book, The Kokopelli Journals. The book went over very well. I, personally, enjoyed the book very much. It's filled with history, love of nature, love of animals and love of humanity. It's a winner.

It's also about time that I commented on the fine time & talk I had at your Friends of the Library event, some time ago. Yours was an attentive & enthusiastic audience, very attuned to a good read, & I am appreciative of having been invited. Thanks!! Laura
PS – thanks, too, for that scrumptious cake that I was barely able to partake of, as I talked with SO many people afterwards! But it sure was 'sweet' of you all to offer this - & such a wonderful lunch spread!

Entry 22 - 5.Jul.2006 19:08:31
Name: LaVon Claycomb

Laura, thank you for this wonderful journey. I am so glad to have met you and your husband at your book signing in Barboursville. Your story is testament that all sentient being deserve compassion and respect and that we need to take special care of this one planet in which we all share. I have never been to the American Southwest but truly hope to visit all of the places that you have described so well. Kudos to you and Kokopelli!

Thank you for contacting me after reading TKJs. I hope that you & your husband will soon have a Southwest adventure of your own! Perhaps you two will be the next to save a rez pup... I have also enjoyed our email correspondence. Thank you. Laura

Entry 24 - 26.Jul.2006 22:02:22
Name: Sarah Schulze

My mother in law bought this book for me in Charlottesville VA and Laura signed it for me. I am about halfway through and can't seem to put it down, I feel as if I'm there with Pete and Laura on their journey. Great job with this one, and I hopefully another adventure will be published soon.

Sarah, I'm go glad that you're enjoying your journey with Pete & me... Please log in again when you’ve finished!

Entry 35 – 15 Nov. 2006 18:18:38
Name: William Steiner

Hello. I am well into your book, The Kokopelli Journals. I am so sorry for the great losses in your life, Laura, but want to commend you for your perseverance in continuing on, after both the heart-wrenching murders in your family, and after 9/11. You have a great spirit for life, and a refreshing, witty writing style that I am immensely enjoying.

I am savoring my journey with you and your husband through the Four Corners landscape. I am almost at the point where you find the puppy in Monument Valley (I cheated a little and read ahead), and I am greatly looking forward to how this will play out in the rest of your story. I feel as if I am on the trip with you, a traveling third party to all of your adventures, and I greatly appreciate this vicarious gift, as I am wheelchair bound. I enjoyed beyond words your description of hot-air ballooning with the cowboys you met in Taos, as your descriptions of the event take me there with you. For a little while I am transported out of my chair and into your great adventure. Your historical research has been meticulous (I know, as I have checked the details as I read along).

I have heard many fine comments about your book and wanted to write to you and add mine. Keep up the good work, Laura, but I do suggest that you make The Kokopelli Journals easier to locate. I had to search for a copy; Barnes & Noble and Borders does not carry it. A friend found a copy for me at a wine tasting event. I am quite sure that this will be a best seller, if the public had more access to it. This is not meant as a criticism - quite the contrary, it is a compliment. Please let the public know it exists, and make it easy for them to find, for you have a beautiful way with words that should be shared.
I look forward to finishing this extraordinary story and then to your next book.

Sincerely, William

Dear William -
Thank you for the many nice comments that you have said about TJKs & my writing style. I had a catch in my throat as I read them & truly appreciate your taking the time to write. (By the way, you do write a nice note.) Please let me know, when you have finished my story, and how you enjoyed 'the rest of your journey with us'...

As far as Barnes & Noble & Borders goes, I have kept TKJs out of the big chains so far, as I feel strongly about a mutually supportive relationship w/ Independent Booksellers. It's the Wal-Mart vs. Mom & Pops concept/Made in America thing - especially w/ my 1st Edition, as this is my baby. That said, the very nice manager at Borders, in Richmond, just asked me to do a signing there, hopefully before Christmas, which requires my registering TKJs w/ them. I may do this, but my big next step is to find a major publisher - w/ the vision I have for this book - to launch it both nationally & internationally. It's time for the 2nd Edition. I've proved that TKJs has a huge audience & that it sells well. I've paid for the first round, now it's time to aim for the stars & moon & to go nationally, as well, w/ some of my ideas for fund-raisers for spay/neuter programs. There is so much to do!

Again, I thank you for writing, William. It is an honor to be able to take you on a journey where your legs cannot go.
Many Blessings to you - Laura

Entry 25 - 2.Aug.2006 18:53:02
Name: Rachel & Edward Swofford

Oh, Laura, Oprah has GOT to get a copy of your book! My husband & I bought a copy at a wine tasting signing. We shared it together, taking turns reading it (and sometimes we even read it to each other and laughed at the crazy things you got yourself into). You care so much about the world, and she does, too. You write with such passion and spirit. Oprah would like that so much!

The Kokopelli Journals has all the things going f9or it that she talks about on her show! She is an animal lover and you sure save the underdog. She is interested in Indians and the environment. She'll love your spunky style - even that you self-published it.

Send her a copy! We'd send our copy to her, but you can't have it back. Ed & I plan to start a collection of your books. Are you working on your next one yet?

Good luck! Rachel

Hey Rachel & Ed, thanks for your enthusiasm, there... Yes, others have mentioned that Oprah would LOVE this story. I am working on a letter to her now & will send this before Pete & I head to New Mexico in September, for signings there & our 30th. We will see where this might lead... Who knows! If Oprah likes The Kokopelli Journals, I surely won't need an agent to launch it nationally! Again, thanks for being in touch.

Entry 20 - 2.Jul.2006 11:58:39
Name: anonymous

I very much enjoyed reading The Kokopelli Journals. To me, the book is part travelogue, part historical fiction, part historical non-fiction, part political commentary and part adventure story. Your honesty, willingness to share painful events, sense of irony and cynicism coupled with outright silliness and incredible sense of fun made for a good read and a wild ride through the west.

Certainly I got to know you and your loved ones in a very special way. Thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts in this very profound way.

Entry 21 - 4.Jul.2006 11:58:08
Name: Tim Fredrikson

WOW ... It is truly difficult to describe in words just how much I enjoyed this book!! In essence, I literally couldn't put it down, & finished it cover to cover in just about 48 hours from time of purchase!! Laura's way with words, & the beautiful flow of the book itself compelled me to literally read until I fell asleep with the book in my lap!! In all honesty, I very strongly feel that this book is definitely one of the BEST that I have read in the last 30 or so years ... & I am a VORACIOUS reader!!! I more than highly recommend "The Kokopelli Journals" to anyone, & everyone who wants to read an absolutely fascinating, & captivating TRUE adventure!! No writer of fiction could possibly come up with such an incredible adventure!!! What more can be said as to Laura's recovery of the pup, other than those words of Frederick The Great ... "L'Audace, L'Audace ... Toujours L'Audace!" Keep on writing, Laura, & I'll keep on reading!!!!!!

Thank you for your very enthusiastic response to The Kokopelli Journals. I am truly touched that my book meant so much to you & am amazed that one could read it that quickly! I WILL have to get busy on my 2nd book, Kokopelli's Capers, but first must find a clone to help w/ the myriad background details on launching the first. In the meantime, you could read it again... only more slowly... :) Laura

Entry 26 - 7.Aug.2006 17:44:33
Name: Sarah Schulze

Hey Laura,
I finished the Kokopelli Journals last night. I called my husband at work but would not let him in on the end. I've been giving him little bits of the story throughout and he was dying to know how it ended but I told him he must read the book for himself! His dad (my father in law) actually works with Pete, so I feel a bit more connected… even though we've never met… Thanks again for the wonderful read, and we are now inspired to take a trip of our own out west...maybe for our anniversary :)

Hi there, Sarah, I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. We've been really busy w/ reunions & planning our trip to the Southwest. I'm glad that you liked TKJs so much & hope that your husband likes it, as well. I love that wives & husbands are enjoying it equally & getting such a kick of 'reading' it together!

Your father-in-law must be Gary, right? So Christie is your mother-in-law - a VERY find lady. Tell her hello, please. I would enjoy seeing her comments here, when she's finished her book... Thanks for being in touch; if we can help w/ suggestions when you're headed to these grand lands for your anniversary, let us know! Laura & Pete

Entry 28 - 11.Aug.2006 17:44:19
Name: Betsy C.

Hi, Sis! Sorry I'm just now checking out your guest book. You know I'm learning all about cyber-stuff. Am so proud of your success and am blown away by some of these comments. Look forward to helping any way I can with the upcoming "...Capers". Let me know!

P.S. Miss you. Was so nice to see you last week...for the 1st time this year! If ANYone understands how deeply you need/seek a clone, I do! Luv ya!

Betsy, thanks for your comments. Yes, a clone would be a Godsend... I thank you for all of your help w/ TKJs, & I'm sure w/ my next book, The Kokopelli Capers, which I'll resume writing "one of these days". Have fun w/ your new computer! LauraWop

Entry 30 - 9.Sep.2006 13:37:19
Name: Pete Gianniny

Laura and I have had a warm welcome in the Southwest, in Santa Fe at "The Thirsty Ear Music Festival", at the Santa Fe Humane Society Shelter Benefit signing, and reconnecting in Taos with our outlet there; Featherstone Trading Company.
If you get to Taos NM, you must look up Curtis Featherstone at his Trading Company and you will be treated to a unique and beautiful collection of Native American jewelry, as well as paintings and some photography of the Southwest. You will also no doubt be treated to his wonderful stories...

We'll update this a bit more after the Sagebrush Inn signings on Saturday afternoon 9/9/06 - hoping for good weather (in the local monsoon season - and they really need every drop of rain they get) as we have planned an outdoor patio signing at the Sagebrush, graciously hosted by Inn Keeper, Louise Blair.

Pete & I are home now, after a VERY busy & interactive visit with fine old friends & some special new ones, & an adventurous 30th. (Alas, no new pets; Pete's "sweeper" must have worked overtime...)
We had several excellent signings, were able to place The Kokopelli Journals in the best Independent book stores in both Santa Fe (Collected Works, on the Plaza) & Taos (Moby Dickens, also in the Taos Plaza), as well as the Abiquiu Inn - Georgia's old stomping grounds. We were so busy that we didn't get to Albuquerque, except to fly in & out of, for signings or to place my book. Oh well. Next trip (maybe the spring?...) But join us for upcoming signings here in the fall - come say hey - & remember that TKJs makes a MOST welcome & unique Christmas gift! Laura
Wishing all a happy fall -

Entry 31 - 2.Oct.2006 16:51:00
Name: Meredith Young, Black Rock Gallery

Laura, you are a warm, empowering, & inspiring woman!
You approached me some time ago to 'carry' your book at the gallery, here in Wintergreen, saying that travelers have a special interest in it. I raised a skeptical eyebrow, but said I would and your book did sell.

And then I read it. I flew down to Florida recently to visit my ailing grandparents, starting your book the first day in the airport and ending it as I returned to Richmond. Let me tell you boy I couldn't put it down! I spent a lot of time helping my grandparents, but picked up The Kokopelli Journals every chance I could to "escape". I've traveled to those places you so beautifully describe and your words transported me back to those lands I so love. Thank You! I can't say enough good things about your writing, your style, your descriptions, your drawings - and your UNbelievable story! If I had 3 pages I couldn't write enough good things about what your book meant to me, Laura. I don't read - I don't have the time - but you make me want to read again - can't wait until you write your second. You can carry that in Black Rock, too!! I'll happily sell them both!

- Meredith

Meredith, sorry I haven't responded sooner to all the positive things that you said about my book. I'm thrilled that it moved you so much, especially as you know these areas of which I write. And thanks, too, for carrying it in your beautiful Black Rock Gallery; I am honored to be there, and you have sold many a copy of The Kokopelli Journals!
Blessings, to another creative spirit - Laura (PS... I hope that your grandparents are doing well, after your visit)

Entry 38 - 8.Mar.2007 16:27:22
Name: Melanie Smith

A friend of mine that lives in Barboursville gave me your book (signed) that she bought for me as a gift in July. I loved it! I too have a pet that I almost kidnapped and did relate to you vicariously! What an adventure and I felt as if I was there with you every moment. Thank you,

Hi, Melanie,
I've been having a terrible time w/ spams & junk-entries on the former guest page. In erasing them, we managed to erase yours. I apologize, but at least we've become smart enough to copy them, so that I can eventually get back to reposting them. I'm doing this now, & want to thank you for taking the time to comment.
I'm so glad that you related to the 'kidnapping' part. So many animal lovers I've met have a similar tale to share & enjoy/appreciate TKJs for that reason, if nothing else. I hope that you'll enjoy my next book, as well, whenever I can get around to writing the thing...
Blessings - Laura

Entry 36 - 20.Nov.2006 17:40:18
Name: Joy Krueger

Hi Laura,
I know I will see you at the Christmas party 12/1 & 12/2, but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I will recommend to my other animal loving friends, but they cannot have my copy - I treasure it! Thanks again for writing such a personal and in depth account of your travels. When I do see you, please bring me up to date on how everyone is doing!

Hi there, Joy -
Yes, the 'Big Parties' are coming up... & we have a signing in-between, at Green Mountain Winery... 'Tis the season!
I'm looking forward to seeing you, too. I'm glad that you 'treasure your book' & look forward to hearing why at the parties. Have a safe trip to the East from Las Vegas! Laura

Entry 37 - 8.Mar.2007 16:24:34
Name: Jose Ramos

Laura, first of all, I hope you read this e-mail yourself. Second, I also hope you are patient enough to read a few lines written by someone who has always had a poor knowledge of the English language.

Now: you write so beautifully! As beautiful as the story you tell. I've read the first and second chapters of your book three times in a row. And now I want to read the whole book, of course. But I would like to say: congratulations! Before asking you if you know of the work of Cesar Millan with dogs. Thank you!
Jose Ramos

I do usually (eventually) get around to reading these varied comments, myself. My daughter, Skye, & I have just returned from a 10-day roadtrip to Florida, & I'm getting back into the never-ending 'erasures' of the incessant spam...
I thank you, however, Jose, for your kind comments on enjoying the reading of my story. I hope that you will enjoy your entire journey w/ us through these haunting lands of the Southwest. Please let me know what you think when you've finished.
Is Cesar Millan the fellow known as "The Dog Whisperer"? I don't know his work, but would like to know more. I'm so busy keeping up w/ my crazy, nonstop life that much slips by... By the way, your English is VERY good - congratulations; this is a difficult language to master.
Vaya con Dios - Laura

Entry 39 - 8.Mar.2007 16:29:23
Name: Traci Price

I just finished the email campaign for Flying Fish Cafe's Costa Rica Giveaway party. I am glad you're going to be there so I can get a chance to meet you. George is hogging the book right now, but I can't wait to go to Costa Rica so I can get a chance to read it. Looks Great!

Hey there, Traci -
I'm really looking forward to being a part of your shin-dig w/ a signing down there at the Flying Fish Café in Kill Devil Hills! (And for spending time w/ my sister & a much needed, very long, & probably chilly, beach walk...)
I'm looking forward to meeting you, Traci, & to seeing George again - & I thank you both for inclusion in your grand celebration. I'm sure we'll all have a fine, fine time!
Laura... Aka: "Wild West Woman gets to go to the Beach!! - on business, no less! :)

Entry 14 - 10.May.2006 13:05:34
Name: David Y. Miller

I bought my signed copy of "The Kokopelli Journals" at the Nelson County SPCA animal shelter in Lovingston. I was reading another book at the time, so I put off reading it until last week. I was particularly interested in it because, although I was born and raised in Virginia, I lived in Utah for many years and often camped and hiked in the four corners area. I really got into the narrative and was enjoying it immensely, when I found that pages 177 through 224 were missing. Not torn or cut out, they simply were not bound into the book. I haven't seen comments about this by any others who have left messages in the Guest Book, so it must not be a general problem. Maybe my copy is unique. I don't want to continue reading without those pages (it's getting to the part where Laura and Pete find Dingo/Kokopelli), so I have put it aside temporarily. Please e-mail me your suggestion as to what I should do, Laura. I really want to finish your wonderful story.

Dave Miller

Entry 16 - 21.May.2006 15:00:25
Name: David Y. Miller

Many thanks, Laura! Earlier this week, I went over to the Almost Home animal shelter and exchanged books. The new copy has the missing pages, so I picked back up reading where I left off before. I enjoyed talking to you on the phone and hope to meet you in person at one of your local book signings. I hope Pete will be there, too.

Entry 15 - 12.May.2006 12:59:51
Name: Laura Giannini

Hello, David -
What a bizarre situation to have with your book! If you will take your copy of The Kokopelli Journals back to the Almost Home Animal Shelter, in Lovingston, I will authorize them to replace your copy. I am SO sorry that you have had this problem with your story, especially as you were just about to find the pup... We have not had a report of a copy with pages missing yet, so you have a one-of-a-kind...

If this is not convenient to you, please email me & we will figure out a convenient way to switch-out your book. I do not have your email address from this guest page. Again, I apologize for this inconvenience. How odd. If you are in Charlottesville today (May 12th), you might stop by Greenberry's Coffee shop; I'll be there all afternoon signing books, and will replace yours on the spot. Can't wait to hear what you think when you've gotten your new book and can finish the story!
My best regards - Laura

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